4-star Pedram hotel is the best hotel in Sareyn

The best hosting is waiting for you in Pedram Hotel

4-star Pedram hotel is the best hotel in Sareyn

The best hosting is waiting for you in Pedram Hotel

The building is acoustic, windows are double paned and completely prevent any annoying noise.
One of the unique features of the rooms in this hotel is their balcony.
Pedram Hotel is one of the most luxurious and cleanest 4star hotels in Sareyn

Preview of the luxury suites of Pedram Hotel, Sareyn, Ardabil

Some of the tourist attractions in Sareyn

You can enjoy the sightseeing of Sareyn while staying at Pedram hotel

Heyran Neck is one of the most beautiful sceneries of Iran. Its’ heavenly like beauty is perfect for relaxation and overcoming sad memories.
You have to experience it yourself to feel the beauty of Heyran Neck because no word can describe the heavenly beauty and calmness of this place.

The biggest ski resort in Iran is placed in one of the coolest regions of Iran. Alvares Ski Resort is placed near the Alvares Village. This Ski Resort is 30 km far from Pedram Hotel, Sareyn.
Alvares Ski Resort has Télésiège, chairlift and other facilities.

Sheikh Safi al-Din shrine is one of the historical places in Ardabil, northwest of Iran. Sheikh Safi al-Din Shrine is registered on UNESCO World Heritage List.
Sheikh Safi was a poet, philosopher and the founder of Safavi Khanghah in Ardabil. The Safavids dynasty, one of the ruling dynasties of Iran, borrowed their name from Sheikh Safi. His great ancestor, Firuz-Shah Zarrin-Kolah, has an Azari Diwan.

Fandoqlu Forest is an 85 hectare area located 25 km from Ardabil, near Namin County.
This place is so well-known, due to its unbelievable beauty, tourist attractions and natural beauty of Heyran Neck, warm water spring and the growth place of Lily, Lilium ledebourii, etc, so lots of visitors visit there every year.

This summer country is the second important tourist attraction in Sareyn. This Village with a 200 meters area is placed in the 100 meters depth of a valley in 3km north of Sareyn.
This Village is well known for its nature attractions, pleasant weather and its mineral water springs.

Estil Lagoon is one of the 22 Lagoons in Iran. Lagoon is a body of water separated from a larger body of water by lands and water. The underground water penetrated in this land, so the sand saturated and attracted the water to form this lagoon.
As a result of this Lagoon, lots of animal and plant variations live in there.

Kuteh Kumeh village and its hot water spring located in Astara County are considered as one of the natural attractions of Northwest of Iran. Kuteh Kumeh village is located 9 kilometers from Lavandevil in the suburbs of Astara.
This small picturesque village involves 20 rural houses. The language of the residents of Kuteh Kumeh is Taleshi and they also speak Turkish, Azeri and Farsi fluently. Latun waterfall as the highest waterfall of Gilan Province located in this village has increased the popularity of Kuteh Kumeh.

GoorGoor Waterfall of Sabalan is a lovely attraction in Ardabil Province. This beautiful waterfall is located near Shayeq village and it is just few kilometers away from Sareyn tourist city.
The height of GoorGoor Waterfall is about 12 meters. It is a pleasant promenade due to its enclosure with a natural, open area. This area is about 200 square meters.

Some Facilities of Pedram Hotel in Sareyn

Arabic Café in Pedram 4-star Hotel; the best hotel in Sareyn

Arabic Café at Glass Penthouse of Pedram Hotel is an attractive place for visitors and guests. You can sit there and watch the beautiful landscape of the whole city, Sabalan mountain and tourist attractions of the city from the highest point of this hotel.

Restaurant and Hall of Breakfast in Pedram Hotel

This delicately decorated restaurant can accommodate up to 150 people. The service provided by a highly trained staff makes a pleasurable atmosphere for guests so that the memory of this experience will last forever.
Different kinds of Iranian and international foods are served in this restaurant. Furthermore, breakfast is served every day from 8-10 a.m. at breakfast buffet.

Hydrotherapy center at Pedram Hotel of Sareyn

Hydrotherapy center of Pedram Hotel including massager at pool, gym, dry sauna and Jacuzzi provides both public and dedicated services to its residents.